Penny is a new addition to the Retana family. She’s so new the eldest sibling had to ask her 6-year-old sibling for the puppy’s name.

Max tugs away at a piece of tree branch while the owner takes selfies of herself. He then chased the photographer around the backyard.  

Carlos Molina, Laura Galvan and Lizette Longoria met in fall of 2011 in Dr. Agbese’s Media Law and Ethics course. The three friends never registered for a class without having each other for a class.

Ad club members were excused from Campaigns to work on the campaign. Members were paired in groups to look up the missing content before putting the the plans book together. 

With the National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) plans books being due in a week, Alejandra Moreno and Saira Trevino think of commercial ideas for ‘The Backdrop to Your Story’ campaign. The National Student Advertising Competition allows students to go above and beyond and create a national campaign for a client. 

Moments after the shot, Sada asked to be fanned due to the heat. There were quick minute rests in the shade and photos began immediately. 

Nancy Sada has always had a interest for design and fashion. Her wardrobe was inspired by the South Korean group, 2NE1.

Molina’s second time on airplane turned out to have its high and lows. Once the flight landed, his second flight was canceled and had to be in Tulsa before the night ended. 

Molina said goodbye to the seat he had been in for the past two hours. A 15 minute flight turned in an hour and thirty minutes long. After several delays due to the weather, Molina had finally arrived in Tulsa.